As the leading manufacturer and service provider of structural metal products,
heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, reservoirs, reactors, steam generators etc.

Our Focus Areas

As the leading manufacturer and service provider of structural metal products, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, reservoirs, reactors, steam generators etc. in Kerala, we add value to different industries by contributing the most excellent products and services in quality, reliability and sustainability. Our varied products are manufactured as best to suit for industrial requirements over certain focused areas.

  1. Refinery & Chemical Plants
    Sangeetha Engineering Works Private Limited serves best for the refinery & chemical plants. We offer quality structural metal products and engineering services for Tankage & Terminals, Pipelines, Refineries, Thermal & Nuclear Power, Field Development, Chemical, Petrochemical, Automotive and Aerospace industries. Our products are manufactured valuing the safety standards for the industry and are highly durable.
  2. Storage Vessels & Platforms
    We at Sangeetha Engineering deal with storage tank and platform solutions ranging from individual tanks delivery to storage tank terminal erection, designed to contain oil, biochemical, petrochemical or other bulk liquids. Furthermore, we also extend our services to tank maintenance and related activities.
  3. Utility, Power & Co- Generation Plants
    With our state of the art services like Heavy Motor Reconditioning, In-Situ Machining etc. we serve electric utility, power & co- generation plants for maintaining an efficient flow of energy. We offer sturdy and safe metal structural equipments for the industry that can make the functioning of plants more secure.
  4. Earth Moving Equipments
    We work well for the service and maintenance of heavy equipment, heavy motors and vehicles typically used in earth moving and construction applications. We spread our wings to serve the industry with advanced services like Heavy Motor Reconditioning, In-Situ Machining, Torquing & Tensioning and heavy structural work.
  5. Marine Industry
    With our multitude of services, we help to protect ships or vessels from equipment failure, downtime, and repairs, and other risks to offshore and shipping business and operations. Our services for the industry are well appreciated by ship owners and operators for timeliness, excellence and perfection.
  6. Offshore & On Shore Projects
    We are one of the best service providers of offshore and onshore projects and facilities. In our dedicated efforts to provide optimum solutions for the focused area, we pursue safer and most effective processes. Above all our products and services are aimed to protect the surroundings from being harmed in any way.
  7. Aero Space & Railway
    We offer cutting-edge technology solutions in greater agility for industries like aerospace and railway. As the prominent service providers for the industry, we value reliability and permanence of each and every element incorporated in the solutions we offer.
  8. Hydro – Electric Projects
    Hydro – Electric projects being the prime source of power, forms a very important part of the power generation industry. We provide design, fabrication, maintenance and repair services for hydro- electric components like turbines and generators.
  9. Cement & Paper Industries
    Process industries such as Cement and Paper industries consist of a large number of machineries. Each of these machineries is inter-dependent and is very crucial in the sequential processes in such a way that the whole process will be interrupted if the machineries at a particular process stage stops functioning. Our specialized team will ensure that your industrial processes are working fine and the maintenance repairs are carried out periodically.
  10. Heavy Engineering
    The Heavy engineering industry is one of our key focus areas for service. All of our core services are related in a way or other for the smooth functioning of the industry. We possess a proven track record in this exigent sector and have been involved in many important projects of national repute.